Hello and welcome! This is the Enchanted Skies server store, where you can donate for awesome: Ranks, Tags, Crates, GKits, Credits AND alot more!

You can navigate using the bar at the top, and to view more details on product, click 'Buy' (This doesn't add the product to your checkout straight away, just shows you some nice info, then you can add to checkout!), then you can read the awesome descriptions, abilities and more, of each product! 

All of your awesome donations go straight towards making the server a much better place for you, the customer! We will use the funds to pay for development, art, advertising and many more costs!

Thanks for visiting, and happy SkyBlocking, fight to be the top Wizard!

Note to Parents:

Hello! I see you have found your way onto our server store, and we fully understand that it can seem a little odd buying 'items' on games, but we really want to make this experience as pleasant as possible for you - We will offer full support, and will aim to resolve any issue ASAP for you... we know how much of a pain it is when you go to buy a treat for your kids, and it... doesn't work (this shouldn't ever happen, but please contact us using the details below!). The other thing is the cost of different things - I am sure you all know the feeling of being moaned and begged, and even... sometimes lied to about how much something costs - if this does happen, you can of course read the details of each product, and choose a lower cost one. Happy SkyBlocking, and thanks for reading!

Waiting Time

Purchases take up to 20 minutes to register and 'come through' (You need to make sure you are logged into the server, for this to happen), but don't worry, if your package doesn't come through you can contact us using the information provided below - Keep in mind paying with 'ECheck' can take the purchase up to 7 Days to complete!


 - For Support, E-Mail: enchantedskies.business@gmail.com any support, will be given urgently!

 - Enchanted Skies is not affiliated with Minecraft, Mojang AB, or Notch Development AB.


- Thanks for visiting our store, enjoy your travels throughout the Enchanted Skies.